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"..Attitude is virtually everything. Ninety percent of our effort is represented in our attitude to our clients. We provide a service that is not unique, nor do we provide a product, nor do we have a narrow-scope expertise in anything. We're generalist, we compete with other people who do exactly what we do, and they do it very well. Therefore, we have to do something a little bit better, and what we can do better is provide a service to our client with a positive, helpful, cheerful attitude. We do that by treating the client as you would expect to be treated if you were the client. The success of our business is fully dependent on our client. ... "

What is a Client

The Client is the MOST important person in this office,
whether in person, by mail. or on the telephone.

The Client is not dependent upon us.
We are dependent upon the Client.

The Client is not an interruption of our work.
The Client is the purpose for it.

We are not doing a favor by serving the Client.
They are doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to serve them.

The Client is not someone with whom we argue or match wits.
Nobody has ever won an argument with a Client.

A Client is a person who brings us his wants.
It is our job to handle them profitably for him and for us.

Everyone Deserves Clean Drinking Water

“Newton is pleased to support the vision and mission of, where, one day,
everyone in the world can take a drink of clean, safe water. Newton encourages you and your organization to be supportive also."
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