The Water Resources Specialists

Newton Consultants, Inc. is a full-service specialty provider of solutions for water rights, water supply and water system improvements. The firm was founded in 1986 by David Newton.

Through a “Spirit of Performance,” listening skills and expertise of licensed engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists and water rights experts, we bring value to clients through our combined in-house expertise in civil engineering, geology, ground water geology, watershed hydrology, water rights, and geological engineering. Our combined expertise runs hand-in-hand with solving problems for pipelines, pumps, water rights, wells, storage reservoirs, spillways, foundations, engineered fill embankments, roads, slope stabilization, and flow channels. We provide value to clients by:

  • Listening to clients, learning their needs and concerns to determine a solution path, and using that path to develop solutions that respond to their needs.
  • Relieving clients of uncertainties in application process for new water right permits and in working with the Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) in its processing of permit applications.
  • Relieving clients of uncertainties in processes with OWRD to legally transfer their water rights from existing places of water use to new places of use.
  • Relieving clients of uncertainties in process of proving up on their water use permits with OWRD to obtain water right certificates.
  • Relieving clients of uncertainties in application process with the OWRD for new water storage permits for reservoir projects.
  • Providing clients with the necessary engineering and permitting services to construct new storage projects, modify existing reservoirs to increase storage capacity and repair existing facilities.
  • Relieving clients of uncertainties in the validity of water rights in connection with property purchases.
  • Providing clients with knowledge they need to decide on use of wells for water supply; and if feasible, taking away client uncertainties in applying to OWRD for new groundwater permits.
  • Providing clients with necessary construction plans and specifications to install of high-capacity wells, bid documents, implementation of bid and contractor selection for well construction, and oversight of well construction and testing to document conformance with plans and specifications.
  • Providing clients with knowledge they need to decide on doing water conservation projects.
  • Providing clients with solutions for water quality, wastewater and floodplain issues through collaboration with Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Oregon Department of State Lands.
  • Providing clients with necessary planning, engineering and construction oversight for installation of new pipelines and pump facilities.

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