Geologic Investigation
Aggregate mine development begins when the exploration process has identified aggregate deposits of economical potential. This is achieved by the discovery of significant rock outcrops, surface trenching, and/or preliminary drilling efforts. Initial investigation of mining properties distinguishes the potential for producing mines from those with an unlikely future.

This effort begins with a review of available data on the quantity and a site visit to observe the geology, topography, and infrastructure, as well as potential environmental concerns.

Geologic modeling of the aggregate target is made to determine whether or not deposits our clients are exploring are capable of consistently supplying a quality product. Inputs to the geological modeling of the deposits include available data from drill holes, test pit sampling, Lab analysis, and accurate site topography.

Conceptual mine plans including processing areas, stockpiles and access areas are developed, and an order-of-magnitude production rate is considered.

The results are summarized in a conceptual report, along with recommendations, a proposed project schedule, and items required for the next step in development.

Newton Consultants provides clients with a product to be used in pursuing agency mining permits and appropriate mining operation plans leading to a feasible and productive operation.


Data that generates an accurate geological model includes:

  • Available data from drill holes
  • Topographic maps
  • Test pit sampling
  • Quality and grade analysis


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