Quality and Quantity Determination

Newton Consultants conducts on-site field studies to determine aggregate quantity and quality. Exploratory Borings and or Trenches are located across the potential site. Boring or Trench Logs are generated. These logs provide a basis to determine the volume extent of a deposit to be mined.

Samples from these Borings can also be submitted to our Laboratories for analysis to determine the quality of the resources..

Descriptive models of aggregate deposits from a site are being directed toward prediction of quality and quantity of unexplored deposits. Quantity is described in terms of a real extent, thickness, and volume. Quality is described in terms of a real and stratigraphic distribution of physical parameters such as thickness, clast size, sorting, lithology, proportion of fines, and deleterious materials.

Quantities for aggregate resources are extracted through computer generated site models. Cut and Fill volumes amounts can be determined for planning level needs.


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