End Use Planning

So What is Reclamation End Use?

Reclamation, at its most basic level, is a process that results in a safe and non-polluting mining site that will retain some land value. For example, gravel operations may be graded after closure to remove hazardous steep slopes. Re-vegetation, erosion control, and site cleanup are included in basic reclamation operations.

Sometimes reclamation is employed to prepare a site for a subsequent use (“end use”) after mining operations are completed. For example, if the planned end use of a site is for green space, landscaping may be used to restore the site to a state that is aesthetically pleasing, or if the site will be used for residential development, areas may be left unfilled to prepare for installation of water and sewer connections.

A mining plan would normally include a description of post-mining management necessary to support the end use. It would also identify the party responsible for conducting it.

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