Water Quality Projects

Sisters, Oregon
Black Butte Ranch Wellhead Protection / Contamination Susceptibility

This resort relies on wells to meet domestic and golf course irrigation demands. Groundwater quality was of concern. NEWTON evaluated the soil types, geological formations, well conditions and potential for hydraulic connections between shallow and deep aquifers. NEWTON considered contaminant sources and used the information from the evaluation to determine the susceptibility of groundwater resources to organic compounds. The risk was determined to be low.

Redmond, Oregon
Eagle Crest Resort – Potential for Wastewater Effects on Groundwater

Eagle Crest is expanding to accommodate increased recreation demand. Expansion concerns include the potential impact the additional community septic systems could have on groundwater and the Deschutes River, and the availability of groundwater for water supply. NEWTON helped identify suitable land for the septic system, and determined the soil and geological characteristics of proposed 40-acre, septic disposal site. The investigation included evaluating how the wastewater would migrate in the ground, based on test pits excavated in an existing 6-acre resort drainfield. NEWTON determined that geologic conditions provide natural protection for groundwater and the river, and developed a monitoring program that satisfied DEQ requirements. NEWTON also determined that geological conditions would not impact development of the conveyance and waste disposal system. As an additional part of the work, NEWTON investigated the availability of groundwater and the degree of hydraulic connection between the aquifer and the Deschutes River. NEWTON subsequently designed and installed a 1,500-gpm water-supply well and assisted with the preparation of WRD permits for groundwater use. WRD granted the permits, based on NEWTON findings and testimony that pumping from the aquifer would have no significant impact on the Deschutes River.

Madras, Oregon
Deschutes Valley Water District
Groundwater Susceptibility to Contamination
OHD & EPA Requirements/Mining Impacts

Evaluated the Opal Springs water source for the District, including geology, hydrogeology; prepared report on susceptibility of source aquifer to contamination to fulfill Oregon Health Division, Drinking Water Section requirements.



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