Water Supply Feasibility Projects

Madras, Oregon
Deschutes Valley Water District – Water Supply Augmentation

NEWTON was asked by the District to determine how to improve its spring water collection system at Opal Springs on the Crooked River. The spring is the water source for Madras, Culver and Metolius, Oregon. Newton conducted geotechnical investigations which indicated improvements to the spring collection system would be very expensive. Newton recommended and then implemented a hydrogeologic investigation identifying the spring source, recommended test wells, designed and supervised installations of 3 test wells that each yield 3,000 to over 5,000 gpm under 48 psi artesian flow. This solution has capacity to surpass District water needs and artesian pressure reduces power costs for pumping water out of the river canyon by 15 to 20 percent. The District plans to use the wells rather than make improvements to the spring collection system.

Redmond, Oregon
Eagle Crest Resort – Hydraulic Connectivity & Water Supply

NEWTON conducted hydrogeologic investigations of groundwater availability for a high-capacity golf course irrigation well and degree of hydraulic connectivity with the Deschutes River. NEWTON consulted on design and installation of test wells resulting in a 1,500 gpm well. NEWTON assisted with preparation of groundwater permit applications and made testimony before the Deschutes County Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners, and the Oregon Water Resources Department to address hydraulic connectivity concerns and potential effects on stream flows. NEWTON concluded that pumping would have no significant effects on stream flow in the Deschutes River. A permit was issued by OWRD to use the well for irrigation water.

Hillsboro, Oregon
The Reserve Golf Course & Vineyard Irrigation Water Supply - NEPA Assessment

Initial planning called for this new golf course to be irrigated using treated effluent from the Unified Sewerage Agency. The Tualatin Valley Irrigation District (TVID) subsequently was identified as a more cost effective water source. Because the TVID obtains its water from Henry Hagg Lake, a U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) facility, the federal National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process applied. NEWTON prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) in accordance with NEPA requirements. The EA identified potential sources of golf-course irrigation water and evaluated the related environmental impacts for each source. Based on the EA analyses, the BOR issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI), allowing the TVID to provide irrigation water service. The project required extensive interaction with the BOR, state agencies (DEQ, WRD), special interest groups and surrounding land owners. NEWTON also prepared water-right permit applications to support the golf course operations.

Terrebonne, Oregon
Big Falls Ranch – Water Supply & Hydraulic Connectivity

NEWTON investigated geology, aquifers and springs at the 1,000-acre ranch to evaluate degree and significance of hydraulic connectivity between the groundwater source for a new well and the nearby Deschutes River. This work was to support a groundwater permit application to the Oregon Water Resources Department for additional irrigation water. NEWTON conducted pumping tests using 3 high-capacity irrigation wells, analyzed substantial surface water and groundwater data, measured spring flows, prepared a report of results, and testified on behalf of the applicant at a contested case hearing. A groundwater permit was issued by OWRD.

Terrebonne, Oregon
Crooked River Ranch Water Company - Water Supply Well

NEWTON performed a groundwater availability investigation and determined the potential yield and estimated depth for a new well. NEWTON prepared specifications and construction documents for the well piping, pump and control systems, and assisted the owner in obtaining well construction bids. NEWTON oversaw well construction and pumping tests, reviewed contractor invoices and prepared construction reports. The well, which augments the water supply for this 12,000-acre, 2,600-lot development, is over 800-feet deep and yields 750 gpm.

Mt. Angel, Oregon
Pudding River Basin Water Develop. Association - Water-Supply Develop. Program

NEWTON assisted the Association with the identification of alternatives to create a reliable, long-term source of water for agriculture in the Pudding River watershed. NEWTON’s scope of work included assessing groundwater and surface water availability, and evaluating the feasibility and costs of alternative sources. The alternative sources included a water storage project, importing water from the Santiam River via a pipeline, and groundwater recharge/storage.

Gresham, Oregon
Persimmon Residential Community & Golf Course - Water Supply for Irrigation

NEWTON evaluated the feasibility of using groundwater for irrigation purposes since surface water was not available. The work included locating and designing irrigation wells, dam and reservoir systems to store the pumped water and surface runoff. In addition, NEWTON assisted the owner with obtaining irrigation water permits. Permit applications for both the water rights and the dams were "fast-tracked" through the Oregon Water Resources Department.

Sisters, Oregon
Black Butte Ranch Water Supply Well & Hydraulic Connectivity

NEWTON performed an investigation of hydraulic connection between a deep aquifer proposed for water supply and the overlying aquifers. This work determined that pumping the deep aquifer would have no significant impact on the overlying aquifers and springs, nor would it interfere with water rights held by other water users. Based on these findings, OWRD issued a permit for groundwater use. NEWTON subsequently designed a well, prepared construction specifications, assisted with obtaining and reviewing bids, supervised well construction, and analyzed pumping test results. The completed well is efficient and produces 1,200 gpm with only 3 feet of drawdown.

Welches, Oregon
Resort at the Mountain
Groundwater Supply for Golf Course Irrigation & Hydraulic Connectivity
The Resort needed additional water for golf course irrigation. The nearby Sandy and Salmon Rivers are protected as wild and scenic rivers, and additional water rights from the rivers were not available. The Resort retained NEWTON to determine the feasibility of using groundwater for irrigation. The estimated demand required pumping 800 to 1,000 gpm from three to four wells. NEWTON evaluated the basin and determined that storage and recharge of groundwater was adequate. The OWRD had concerns that pumping high-yield irrigation wells could deplete the Salmon or Sandy Rivers. Based on this concern, NEWTON estimated pumping impacts on the rivers using a computer model and concluded that depletion would be within OWRD’s acceptable limits. NEWTON designed test and production wells; supervised their construction; organized, directed and analyzed pumping test results; prepared reports to the OWRD; and assisted the Resort in gaining permits to use groundwater for irrigation.

Hermiston, Oregon
U.S. Generating Company - Groundwater Supply

NEWTON was retained by US Generating Company to investigate the feasibility of using groundwater as a backup water supply for a new steam-powered generating plant. The feasibility was dependent on water quality, the capacity of aquifers to yield three million gallons of water per day, and the potential that the project area would be included in an OWRD critical groundwater area. NEWTON reviewed pumping test results, analyzed regional hydrogeologic conditions, consulted with OWRD staff and the owner’s legal counsel, and prepared a comprehensive report of findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Stevenson, Washington
Skamania Lodge - Water Supply

NEWTON performed a water availability study, analyzed pumping test data and prepared a groundwater rights application for an irrigation well that serves the golf course at this resort in the scenic Columbia River Gorge.


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