Water Management

Water Management is the integrating concept for a number of water sub-sectors such as hydropower, water supply and sanitation, irrigation and drainage, and environment. An integrated water resources perspective ensures that social, economic, environmental and technical dimensions are taken into account in the management and development of water resources.

Deschutes Water Alliance; Regional Water Resource Management Planning;
Upper Deschutes Basin, Oregon
Newton Consultants, Inc. provides a leadership role in bringing water suppliers and other water resource stakeholders together to collaboratively respond to water supply and management issues in the upper Deschutes Basin. Water supply and management issues have become more complex and challenging as a result of rapid population growth in the upper Basin and increasing demands for water supply. Newton managed five water resource planning studies and co-authored a synthesis of study results during 2004-2006 for the Deschutes Water Alliance under a Bureau of Reclamation Water 2025 Challenge Grant. The study topics included: 1) Irrigation District Water Efficiency Cost Analysis and Prioritization; 2) Future Ground Water Demand in the Deschutes Basin; 3) Reservoir Management; 4) Growth, Urbanization and Land Use Change; Impacts on Agriculture and Irrigation Districts in Central Oregon; 5) Instream Flows in the Deschutes Basin; Monitoring, Status and Restoration Needs; and Synthesis Document; Long-Range Water Resources Management in Central Oregon: Balancing Supply and Demand in the Deschutes.

Upper Deschutes Basin Work Plan & Goal Setting For Major Water Suppliers
Newton Consultants, Inc. developed and implemented a regional water resource management work plan in 2010-2012 to clarify and prioritize water resource issues in the upper Deschutes Basin. Newton facilitated goal-setting workshops and discussions in 2012 with the major regional water suppliers including municipalities and 7 irrigation districts. Achievable goals were identified for the suppliers and then were compared to identify potential partnership opportunities between suppliers and to identify potential solution options that respond to their issues and goals.

Deschutes Water Planning Initiative; Water Supply Goals and Objectives;
Deschutes River Conservancy and Deschutes Water Alliance, 2013
Goal-setting work with major water suppliers by Newton in 2012 is described in the Deschutes Water Planning Initiative; Water Supply Goals and Objectives; by the Deschutes River Conservancy and Deschutes Water Alliance. Newton was the primary author of this document.



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